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Medical and Dental Benefits

Who are eligible

The following persons are eligible for medical and dental benefits on the same basis as serving government officers:

  1. retired Government officers living in Hong Kong and in receipt of a pension or an annual allowance and their families living in Hong Kong;
  2. families of officers killed on duty and living in Hong Kong; and
  3. families living in Hong Kong and in receipt of a pension under the Widows' and Orphans Pension Scheme or the Surviving Spouses' and Children's Pensions Scheme following the death of officers while in service or after retirement (except widows/widowers on remarriage).

"Family" means the retired civil servant's spouse and children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. In the case of children aged 19 or 20, they must also be in full-time education or in full-time vocational training, or dependent on the retired civil servant as a result of physical or mental infirmity.

Retired officers with the pension or annual allowance suspended either under the Pensions Ordinance or Pension Benefits Ordinance are not in receipt of a pension or an annual allowance. They and their families are therefore not eligible for medical and dental benefits during the period of suspension of pension or annual allowance.

How to obtain treatment

Retired civil servants and/or their eligible dependants can seek treatment at Department of Health and Hospital Authority medical and dental facilities (designated facilities) throughout the territory. The Medical and Dental Benefits Eligibility Checking System (ECS) has been fully rolled out since 30 June 2008. Retired civil servants and their eligible dependants only need to advise counter staff of the designated facilities that they are eligible for civil service medical and dental benefits and produce valid proof of identity (e.g. Hong Kong Identity Card, Hong Kong Birth Certificate) for their inspection when they seek treatment at the designated facilities. The counter staff will verify their eligibility through the ECS.

Retired civil servants without Hong Kong Identity (HKID) cards and their eligible dependants without HKID cards or Hong Kong Birth Certificate (for dependent children under the age of 11) are not covered by the ECS. The retired civil servants concerned should obtain Try. 447 for themselves and their eligible dependants for presentation to the counter staff of the designated facilities when seeking medical or dental treatment. Try. 447 may be obtained from the Treasury Pensions Enquiry Office of the Treasury, either in person or by post (Room 107, 1st floor, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong), by phone (2829 5113, 2829 5114, 2845 8866), by fax (2519 3222) or by e-mail (

The form can also be obtained in person at the Pensions Section of the Civil Service Bureau (8/F, West Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong).

How to make a dental appointment while residing overseas

For retired civil servants and/or their eligible dependants residing overseas who wish to have a dental check-up during a visit to Hong Kong, they can either write or send an e-mail to the following office three months prior to their arrival in Hong Kong:

Dental Service Administration Office
(Attn: CO)
7th floor, MacLehose Dental Centre,
286 Queen's Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

They should also supply their pension payment number (if applicable), Hong Kong Identity Card or passport numbers, period of visit to Hong Kong, last Government dental clinic attended, correspondence address and a copy of valid student card of children (if applicable).

A check-up appointment will be reserved in the last clinic attended or in an evening clinic. Confirmation in the form of a letter or an e-mail will be sent to them by the Dental Service Administration Office.

Enhanced Diagnostic Services

The Block G Imaging Centre for civil service eligible persons (CSEPs) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) commenced services on 3 January 2011. The Centre provides Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scanning services for CSEPs in addition to the existing imaging services provided at Hospital Authority hospitals. The centre has also provided general mammographic service for the exclusive use of CSEPs with effect from 4 March 2019.  CSEPs may refer to the note (1) setting out the detailed arrangement regarding general CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning services and note (2) for the detailed arrangement on general mammographic service. The waiting time of the respective diagnostic services provided in the Centre will also be updated regularly for CSEPs' information, and a gist is available in the leaflet.

Enhanced Specialist Out-patient Services

9H Specialist Clinic at Prince of Wales Hospital

A new specialist out-patient (SOP) clinic for CSEPs, namely 9H Specialist Clinic (9HSC) at Prince of Wales Hospital has commenced service with effect from 26 March 2012. It provides general SOP services in seven specialties including ear nose & throat, family medicine, gynaecology, medicine, orthopaedics & traumatology, paediatrics & adolescent medicine, and surgery. CSEPs who have made an appointment for first consultation at an HA SOP clinic may opt to utilise 9HSC services. Related administrative details are set out in the detailed note, and a gist is available in the leaflet.

Saturday Specialist Out-patient Services at Queen Mary Hospital

Extra SOP services sessions for CSEPs will be available on Saturday morning at Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) with effect from 1 September 2012, providing general SOP services.  At present, two specialties (i.e. medicine and surgery) are available. CSEPs who have made an appointment for first consultation at an HA SOP clinic (other than 9HSC) may opt to utilise the Saturday SOP services at QMH. Related administrative details are set out in the detailed note, and a gist is available in the leaflet.

Civil Service Chinese Medicine Clinics (CSCMCs)

The two CSCMCs are located at the Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and Yan Chai Hospital respectively, providing free general consultation and acupuncture services for treatment purpose to CSEPs.  Please click here to visit the thematic webpage of the CSCMCs.

Please also see the Medical and Dental Benefits section of the Administration of the Civil Service.

Reimbursement / direct payment of medical expenses

Commonly asked questions and answers

Useful Reference

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  1. Pension Benefits Ordinance (Chapter 99, Laws of Hong Kong)
  2. Pensions Ordinance (Chapter 89, Laws of Hong Kong)


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