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Commonly Asked Questions & Answers on Medical and Dental Benefits.

Q1 I have resigned from the Civil Service under the New Pension Scheme. Do my family and I enjoy medical and dental benefits when I reach the normal retirement age and receive a monthly pension?
A1 No. Only retired officers and their families living in Hong Kong and in receipt of a pension or an annual allowance are eligible for free medical and dental treatment. Officers resigned under the New Pension Scheme are not eligible albeit the pension they receive.
Q2 I retired under the Voluntary Retirement Scheme at the age of 35. What is my entitlement to medical and dental benefits?
A2 Retired officers in receipt of a pension or annual allowance and their eligible dependants living in Hong Kong are eligible for free medical and dental treatment, regardless of age and scheme under which they retire.
Q3 I am 65 years old and can now enrol at the Elderly Health Centres of the Department of Health for physical check up and health assessment. Why do I need to pay the enrolment fee?
A3 Physical check up and health assessment are preventive care and for this reason, civil service eligible persons have to pay the enrolment fee. However, subsequent curative consultation will be provided free of charge subject to verification of eligibility through the Medical and Dental Benefits Eligibility Checking System or presentation of a valid Try. 447 (revised 2008).
Q4 I am a retired civil servant and have been re-employed by the Government as a non-civil service contract staff. Am I eligible for medical and dental benefits?
A4 If a retired civil servant is re-employed by the Government (for instance, as a non-civil service contract staff) and his/her pension is suspended as a result of his/her not reaching the applicable normal or prescribed retirement ages specified in the pension legislations, the retired civil servant concerned and his/her family are not eligible for civil service medical and dental benefits under Civil Service Regulation 900(3)(c) and 950(2)(b) during this period.

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