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Establishment and Strength

  30.6.2021 30.9.2021
Establishment of the Government (Notes 1 & 3) 194 080 194 290
Strength of the Government (Notes 1 & 4) 178 521 178 046
Establishment of the Civil Service (Notes 2 & 3) 192 209 192 450
Strength of the Civil Service (Notes 2 & 4) 176 876 176 406


  1. The establishment and strength figures of the Government include:
    (a) civil servants working in government departments;
    (b) those who have been seconded / posted to subvented / public-funded bodies, e.g. Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Hospital Authority; and
    (c) Judges and Judicial Officers, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) officers and locally engaged staff working in Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices.
  2. The establishment and strength figures of the Civil Service include 1(a) and 1(b) only.
  3. Establishment figures include permanent posts and supernumerary posts approved by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council.
  4. Strength figures include officers on final leave.
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