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Objectives of Performance Management System

The Civil Service performance management system enables management to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Channel staff efforts towards departmental goals

The performance management system enables management to translate departmental goals into specific individual work targets and objectives, thus providing staff with a clear sense of job purpose and channelling staff efforts towards common work goals.

  • Assess individual performance

The performance management system provides a formal mechanism to monitor, assess and provide feedback on staff performance. It enables good performers to be recognized and rewarded, and substandard performers to be identified for guidance, counselling and assistance. It also lays a foundation for more serious corrective or administrative action in cases of persistent substandard performance.

  • Improve communication between managers and staff and clarify objectives

The performance management system maps out a clear performance management cycle which enables on-going and open communication between appraising officers and appraisees. Through such communication, work targets are clarified, agreed and reviewed, work achievements and progress are assessed, continuous feedback is given, and areas for improvement are identified in a timely manner.

  • Identify areas and opportunities for staff improvement and development

The performance management system provides information on individual training and development needs to help management determine how best to meet them. It also provides opportunities for management to discuss with staff the latter’s expectations on postings, personal and career development plans, etc.



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