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Performance Management Cycle

The performance management cycle is a continuous process involving four phases:

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Phase Four

Performance Planning
Continuous Coaching and Development
Interim / Mid-year Review
Performance Appraisal

  • Performance Planning

Performance planning is done at the beginning of the appraisal cycle when the appraising officer communicates and agrees with the appraisee on the list of performance objectives and responsibilities for the coming appraisal period, such as the major initiatives or projects to be undertaken, and the targets to be achieved. The objectives and targets are under constant review and revised where necessary.

  • Continuous Coaching and Development

Throughout the appraisal period, the appraising officer provides continuous feedback to the appraisee, giving recognition to encourage and reinforce good performance, and offering advice, coaching and guidance to facilitate improvement and development.

  • Interim / Mid-year Review

In addition to on-going feedback, we encourage the conduct of an interim or mid-year review to let the appraisee know how he is doing about half way through the appraisal period. The occasion provides an opportunity for the appraising officer and the appraisee to register concerns, and a basis for coaching, problem solving and objectives / responsibilities updating.

  • Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a formal assessment of the appraisee’s performance during the appraisal period. It generally covers how effectively the agreed objectives / responsibilities have been carried out and targets met, the appraisee’s strengths and areas for improvement, and the personal and career development actions to be taken. The assessment is made known to the appraisee through a performance appraisal interview, during which the appraisee can register his views and concerns on the appraisal, and the appraising officer can provide feedback on the appraisee’s performance and potentials.



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