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To forestall misconduct, clear policies, guidelines and procedures are available to provide guidance to individual officers.

Rules and guidelines governing the conduct of a civil servant in particular activities are contained in respective Civil Service Regulations and Circulars. Departments may prescribe supplementary guidelines for compliance by their staff, in the light of their own operational requirements. These rules and guidelines, be they promulgated at the central or departmental levels, are reviewed on a regular basis in keeping with changes in circumstances and operational needs.

The Corruption Prevention Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption also assists government departments in carrying out preventive work. It provides consultancy service to departments in the form of assignment studies on their work systems and procedures. The Department also offers advice on safeguards to eliminate and reduce opportunities for corruption or malpractices, thereby ensuring that sound procedures are in place for departmental functions to be discharged in a fair, equitable and accountable manner.

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