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Policy Agenda (2017) Please click here to download Policy Agenda (2017) in PDF format

2017 Policy Address The 2017-18 Budget

New Initiative

  • Set up additional specialised dental surgeries for civil service eligible persons, and enhance the clinical psychology service provided by Families Clinics.

On-going Initiatives

  • Implementing measures to ensure that persons with disabilities will continue to have equal access, like other applicants, to job opportunities in the Government.
  • Implementing an internship scheme in government departments for students with disabilities to strengthen their competitiveness before joining the job market.
  • Implementing measures to ensure that the ethnic minorities will continue to have equal access, like other applicants, to job opportunities in the Government.
  • The retirement age for new recruits to the civilian grades in the civil service has been raised to 65 and that for the disciplined services grades to 60 since 1 June 2015.  As regards serving civil servants, a Post-retirement Service Contract Scheme has been introduced, which enables departments to engage retired civil servants on contract terms to undertake ad hoc duties requiring specific civil service expertise or experience.  Meanwhile, preparations are being made for implementing the adjusted mechanism on further employment of civil servants beyond retirement age.  The above measures enable the Government, as an employer, to take early actions to address the challenges arising from an ageing population and provide flexibility for meeting the manpower needs of departments taking into account their different operational and succession needs.
  • Setting an example on the part of the Government as a good employer by implementing more family-friendly employment practices for other employers to follow.  Apart from continuing to consider offering more part-time positions on non-civil service contract terms, the Government, subject to exigencies of the service and sufficient personal grounds, will also maintain the existing arrangements of giving priority and sympathetic consideration to leave applications, including unpaid leave, on family care grounds.
  • Giving due consideration to additional manpower needs where justified for delivering effective services to the public.
  • Providing training programmes to boost the innovation and drive of civil servants and to foster a learning culture in the civil service.
  • Providing national studies and Basic Law training in a systematic manner, which takes into account the needs of civil servants of different levels and work nature.
  • Maintaining a rigorous, effective and efficient disciplinary system against misconduct in the civil service, as well as sustaining efforts to further improve efficiency and productivity in the civil service.
  • Fostering close partnership with the civil service, enhancing communication with the staff sides and encouraging fuller use of various commendation schemes to recognise and motivate exemplary performance.
  • Continuing to carry out relevant pay surveys in accordance with the Improved Civil Service Pay Adjustment Mechanism so as to maintain broad comparability between civil service pay and private sector pay.
  • Continuing the preparatory work for setting up the sixth Families Clinic and enhancing the provision of medical and dental benefits for civil service eligible persons.

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