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Terms of Appointment and Entry System

New Terms and Entry System

With an aim to introduce greater flexibility in the entry system, the Government implemented on 1 June 2000 a new entry system and a new set of terms of appointment and conditions of service for new appointees to the Civil Service. Under the new entry system introduced on 1 June 2000 and modified on 1 July 2010, recruits will normally be appointed to basic ranks in civil service grades on three-year probationary terms, before they are considered for appointment on the prevailing permanent terms. Direct recruits to supervisory ranks will normally be appointed on three-year agreement terms. These recruits will be required to serve on agreement terms for at least three years before they can be considered for appointment on the new permanent terms.

Individual grades are allowed the flexibility to formulate their own recruitment policy and to propose variations from the basic entry system to cater for management needs and operational requirements.

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Last Revision Date : 02 May 2017

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