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eTAX Mange your tax affairs conveniently

Inland Revenue Department

INTRODUCED in January 2008, eTAX offers taxpayers an easy, secure and environmentally friendly means of complying with Hong Kong tax laws.

To facilitate taxpayers in managing their tax affairs more conveniently, eTAX has been further enhanced to provide better and more electronic services to its account holders.

Commencing this tax payment season (November 2008), the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will send an electronic reminder to the eTAX Account Holders Message Box around one week before the tax payment due date reminding them to pay on time. If the Account Holder has provided his personal email address and selected to receive emails, IRD will also send him an email advising him to read the reminder message.

Additionally, taxpayers can also view their account profile, check the status of tax return, assessment and payment, as well as notify changes in personal and business particulars through their eTAX account. They can also enjoy online services in relation to applying for a holdover of provisional tax, as well as the stamping of property documents, and business registration and payment.

To reduce the use of paper, IRD has stopped issuing paper receipts for the electronic or postal payment of tax (except for Profits Tax for corporations and partnership businesses, and Property Tax for jointly owned properties) from 1 January 2009 onwards. Instead, IRD will issue electronic receipts to eTAX Account Holders. They may also view their tax payment position via eTAX anytime.

To open an eTAX Account, a taxpayer has to log in to eTAX at using his Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Password that has been registered with IRD, or use his digital certificate issued by a recognised certification authority.

Homepage of the eTAX portal.


If a taxpayer does not have a password or has forgotten it, he can apply for a new one online under eTAX. Taxpayers can choose their own TIN and password when they open their eTAX Account.

Further details regarding eTAX are available online at: