Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service, Social Welfare Department

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THE year 2008 is the 10th Anniversary of Volunteer Movement in Hong Kong. We are proud that more than 680,000 Hong Kong citizens have become volunteers and close to 1,800 organisations have registered as Volunteer Movement Participating Organisations. Both volunteers and volunteer teams devote their time to serving the community through multi-faceted volunteer services. With their significant contribution in volunteering, an annual record of over 18,000,000 volunteer service hours were logged in Hong Kong. Through their active participation and remarkable performance, they have become models for all Hong Kong citizens.

From the start, the Volunteer Movement has had unfailing support from a wide spectrum of society, such as community organisations, corporations, schools and government departments. Civil service volunteer teams have been at the forefront promoting volunteerism and organising volunteer services. Apart from serving the public through their work, many civil servants also commit their leisure time, effectively utilise their professional skills to care and assist the needy as well as to build a more cohesive and caring society. Also, their passion and enthusiasm for volunteering encourages others to join the services.

To date, 63 civil service volunteer teams have joined the Civil Service Volunteer Work Programme. They collaborate closely with the Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service of the Social Welfare Department (the Steering Committee), and participate and assist in various volunteer programmes which include Hong Kong Citizen • Hong Kong Heart Volunteer Ambassador Programme, Sharing Session for Community Organisations and Seminar for Volunteer Movement Participation Organisations. Among others, representative from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department Volunteer Team was appointed as member of the Sub-committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service in Community Organisations and pledged to support promotion of volunteering by inspiring the public to join in.

Serving the Community – From Expertise to Superiority is the theme of the civil service volunteer services. The volunteer teams make use of available resources and professional skills to organise multi-faceted and volunteer projects with quality, for instance, experts from the field of information technology help to equip new immigrants with basic computer knowledge;

those coming from the construction field assist the elderly with household repairs; volunteers from various departments visit the needy in community, acting as tutorial assistants in Volunteer Star Campaign and helping with environmental protection projects. Up to this year, over 17 civil service volunteer teams have organised the Crossover Volunteer Project with the aim of developing a platform for cross-departmental co-operation in providing quality volunteer services with regard to community needs. 

With a vision to boost the quality of volunteering, the Steering Committee appeals to the volunteer teams to spread their enthusiasm and spirit to the wider community and always to perform their best as volunteers under the auspices of Volunteer Movement and Civil Service Volunteer Work Programme. We hope all of you find joy in helping others through volunteering!