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HAB has been working closely with different parties, such as the District Councils, sports organisations, youth organisations, schools and overseas performing groups in organising a wide range of activities for participation by members of the public. These include territory-wide carnivals, roving exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, and cultural, educational and community involvement activities.

HAB is also making use of the Games to promote a deeper interest in and appreciation of sports and culture among the public, especially our youths, through various educational and cultural programmes. For example, visits to the Olympic host/co-host cities have been organised for our youths to broaden their horizons and to build up a better understanding of the motherland, and ties with their counterparts on the Mainland. Various programmes will continue to be organised by HAB, Education Bureau (EDB), youth and community organisations to promote better understanding of the Chinese culture and the latest developments on the Mainland among our young citizens.

Focus on youth

It is perhaps Hong Kong’s youth who will benefit most from the co-hosting of the Events – not only will their understanding of equestrian sports and the Olympic spirit be strengthened but also their national identity enhanced. This is an opportunity that EDB cannot afford to miss. To ensure that Hong Kong’s students get the most out of the historic event, EDB has adopted a four-pronged approach to promoting the Olympic spirit among students.

EDB is running sharing programmes for teachers and students, and organising related professional development programmes for teachers to brush up their skills and knowledge about the Olympics. Secondly, various teaching materials have been distributed to schools, including seven tailor-made resource items, with more to come. The bureau has also assisted other departments in allocating an extra $5,000 (Olympism and Sports Grant) to each school for running relevant learning activities. Thirdly, EDB is holding promotional activities to deepen students’ understanding of the Olympic spirit through competitions and activities. Last but not least, schools are being encouraged to blend Olympic education activities into their curriculum.

Schools have grasped the chance to design diverse learning activities for students with a view to enhancing their understanding of equestrian sports, the Olympic spirit and the meaning of hosting the Olympics and Paralympics.

EDB has been promoting active and healthy living among students as part of the school curriculum at various education levels. In addition, students are provided with ample opportunities to pursue physical activities, whether inside or outside school or during their leisure time. Several promotion schemes like the School Sports Programme, the Jump Rope for Heart Scheme and the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme have been in place to encourage students to participate in sports regularly.

The co-hosting of the Events in Hong Kong provides unprecedented learning opportunities for students, ranging from physical education to national education. This makes all the efforts worthwhile.