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Hong Kong firms on the Mainland

The Mainland authorities have introduced a series of new policies and measures in recent months, such as adjustments to the processing trade policy, introduction of the Labour Contract Law, and tightening of environmental requirements. Mr Tsang says he believes that such policy changes will bring about sustainable and healthy development for the national economy in the long term, and will provide fresh impetus to Hong Kong’s growth.

“Notwithstanding this, we understand that Hong Kong companies on the Mainland are facing a tough challenge brought about by these policy adjustments, as well as other factors such as the rising costs of raw materials and appreciation of the Renminbi. We believe that with the efforts of our enterprises and the support from the Government, the challenges arising from the recent policy changes on the Mainland could become new development opportunities for our enterprises,” he said.

Making time for family

Despite his gruelling workload, Mr Tsang makes sure he has time to spend with his wife, Lynn, and two grown-up children, Terrence and Prudence. The FS says family time is especially important now as his two children are back working in Hong Kong after many years studying and working abroad.

As a practitioner of “tiger crane” kung fu, Mr Tsang appreciates the importance of keeping a balanced lifestyle, so he also makes time for leisure activities. “I really like movies; I watch at least one film in the theatre each week. I like music, all sorts really, but especially light jazz. I have a very good collection of CDs and DVDs. I also play guitar, but not very often, folk music of the 1960s and 1970s.”

Asked if he had anything to add, Mr Tsang said he wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the civil servants who were involved in the Government’s response to the unprecedented rainstorm that flooded parts of Hong Kong in June, causing severe difficulties for people across the territory. “I would like to thank personnel from the emergency services, the works departments, the Government Flying Service, the Home Affairs Department and all those who helped in the emergency response. I am also grateful for the work of everyone involved in dealing with the aftermath. On behalf of the Government as well as the community at large, I wish to thank them for their professionalism and dedication in carrying out their work.”