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A comprehensive training plan has been launched for civil servants at different levels to enhance their understanding of the Basic Law.

In line with the Chief Executive’s 2007-08 Policy Address, Basic Law training will be further enhanced to ensure that it forms an integral part of training for civil servants. In early April 2008, the Civil Service Bureau announced an action plan to provide a series of core programmes that took into account the needs of civil servants of different levels and fields of work.

Central to the action plan are three core programmes namely, the Introductory Course for all new appointees, the Intermediate Course for all middle-level officers (Master Pay Scale (MPS) Point 34-44) and the Advanced Course for senior level officers (MPS Point 45-49 and directorate). The core programmes will be held year-round. The contents include key concepts, major provisions and case analysis of the Basic Law.

Apart from the core programmes, the Civil Service Training and Development Institute (CSTDI) will continue to hold thematic seminars to enhance civil servants’ understanding of topic-specific issues on the Basic Law. To supplement classroom training, CSTDI will enrich the Basic Law content of the National Studies Portal at its Cyber Leaning Centre Plus and launch a web-based Introductory Course in early 2009. In addition, on-going promotional activities such as an on-line quiz, calligraphy contest and computer pop-up screen design competition will also be held throughout the year to sustain interest in and raise general awareness of the Basic Law.