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Integrity Management in the Civil Service

Welcome Message

Welcome to the website on "Integrity Management in the Civil Service".

Users of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) Homepage who have browsed through the preceding web pages under the heading of "Conduct and Discipline" would already have acquired an overview of the general principles and stringent rules governing civil service integrity. This website is intended to serve users who wish to know more about the efforts we are making to uphold a high standard of probity in the civil service.

The content of this website is extracted from the "Resource Centre on Civil Service Integrity Management" (RCIM), an intranet site jointly developed by CSB and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to provide departmental managers with easy access to reference materials on integrity management. The RCIM is an information repository on integrity management which forms part of the infrastructure that is in place to facilitate the work of our departmental managers at various levels in embedding an ethical culture within their organizations.

It is hoped that this website will help members of the public obtain a fuller understanding of our commitment and ongoing efforts in promoting an ethical culture within the civil service. We also want to share with you the core value and resolution that are driving our endeavours in this mission.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on this website and any other issues which are relevant to integrity management in the civil service. We can be contacted by e-mail at


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