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Activities by Civil Service Bureau

Date Activity Target participants
23 August 2018 Seminar on “Safety at Work under Inclement and Hot Weather" Colleagues who are interested in the topic
  • Speakers will elaborate on the potential health hazards of working under inclement and hot weather as well as the points to note in drawing up codes of practice. 
29 August 2018 Seminar on “Understanding and Responding to Verbal Violence (Part I: for frontline staff)" Colleagues who are interested in the topic
  • The seminar aims at enhancing the knowledge of frontline staff on verbal violence at work and strengthening their skills in handling difficult customers.
  • Speaker will introduce the aggressive situations/behaviours and elaborate on the coping strategies to handle them; and will also speak on the measures to manage the stress and emotional disturbances arising from verbal violence at work.
12 September 2018 Seminar on “Health Hints on the Use of Computer" Colleagues who are interested in the topic
  • The seminar aims at introducing the Occupational Safety and Health (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation and essential points for  performing risk assessments of workstations at their workplaces. 
  • Speakers will elaborate on possible health hazards that may occur in relation to the improper use of display screen equipment and introduce various preventive measures such as proper posture, workstation design, administrative control, relaxation exercises and etc.
17 September 2018 Seminar on “Air Quality Health Index" Colleagues who are interested in the topic
  • A risk-based Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) was launched in 2013, which informs the public of the short-term health risk of air pollution.  Speakers will introduce AQHI and the related alert and response system among government bureaux and departments, and the occupational safety and health hints for outdoor work under high air pollution levels.

Interested colleagues should look out for CSB’s call email(s) and sign up through your bureau/department timely.