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The Civil Service Training and Development Institute formulates training policies and provides support to bureaux and departments in training and development matters. Its four core functions are senior executive development; national studies programmes; consultancy services for bureaux / departments on human resource management (HRM) initiatives; and promotion of a continuous learning culture in the civil service.

(1) Senior Executive Development

Leadership development programmes, including mainland studies programmes, enable directorate and would-be directorate officers to acquire new skills, adopt best practices, and develop new ideas for meeting the challenges ahead. The Institute also offers advisory service to bureaux / departments on appropriate training to support directorate succession planning.

(2) National Studies and Training Services

The Institute arranges national studies and the Basic Law training for civil servants at various ranks. These programmes include national studies programmes co-organised with renowned institutions and universities in the Mainland, e.g. the Chinese Academy of Governance, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Foreign Affairs University, Jinan University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University. The Institute also organises a staff exchange programme with major cities, thematic visits to the Mainland and a series of thematic seminars held locally. In addition, the Institute offers courses, thematic seminars, learning resources and promotional activities to deepen civil servants' understanding of the Basic Law.

(3) Human Resource Management Consultancy Services

The Institute partners with bureaux / departments to enhance their HRM capacity. Consultancy and advisory services include: promoting good HRM practices; facilitating bureaux / departments in rolling out and managing change initiatives; developing competencies required of different grades and ranks; reviewing and designing performance management systems; conducting training needs analysis; and assisting in planning and organising training activities.

(4) Promotion of a Continuous Learning Culture and E-learning

The Institute offers a broad range of e-learning resources through the web-based learning portal – Cyber Learning Centre Plus (“CLC Plus”). It works closely with bureaux / departments to launch dedicated portals and learning resources on specific themes to promote the use of e-learning, and provides consultancy services and technical support on web resource development and formulation of e-learning strategies. Departments may make use of the "CLC Plus" platform to provide department-specific training resources to their staff. The Institute also operates a Learning Resource Centre to promote continuous learning among civil servants.

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