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MPF Arrangements for Government Employees


The Government has engaged a number of Master Trust Schemes for the provision of MPF services. Bureaux/departments have made arrangements for all their eligible employees to be enrolled into one of the selected Master Trust Schemes.

(Note: A Master Trust Scheme is a scheme set up by an MPF scheme trustee approved by the MPF Schemes Authority and membership of the scheme is open to the employees of any employers and to self-employed persons.)

Contribution Rates

As required by law, Government contributes 5% of the employee's monthly relevant income as the employer's mandatory contributions, subject to a maximum level of income of $30,000 per month, into the employee's scheme account. There is no minimum level of income for the purpose of making the employer's contributions.

Relevant government employees are also required to contribute 5% of their monthly relevant income as the employee's mandatory contributions, subject to minimum and maximum levels of relevant income of $7,100 and $30,000 per month respectively. Relevant employees may elect to make voluntary contributions above the mandatory amount.

Investment Choices

In respect of the selected Master Trust Schemes, each scheme offers a range of constituent funds including at least the following four types which represent different levels of risk in investment :

  1. Conservative Fund;
  2. Low Risk Fund;
  3. Moderate Risk Fund;
  4. High Risk Fund.

It is for relevant government employees to decide on the type or types of constituent funds within the enrolled Master Trust Scheme each wishes to invest on. They are also able to change their investment choice in accordance with the relevant scheme governing rules.

(When dollars are quoted in this homepage, they are Hong Kong dollars. About HK$7.8 = US$1.)

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