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Job-related allowances

Job-related allowances (JRAs) are additional payments to staff to compensate them for aspects of their work which are not normally expected of their grade or rank, and which have not been taken into account in the determination of their pay scale.

The main categories of JRAs include :

(a) Extraneous Duties Allowance (or Extra Duties Allowance for Disciplined Services), which is to compensate for duties that are extraneous to the grade/ rank concerned and the discharge of such duties requires extra skills or imposes new responsibilities;
(b) Hardship Allowance, which is to compensate for duties performed in work environment which may render staff liable to bodily harm or physical impairment of a degree not normally expected of staff in the same grade or rank ;
(c) Shift Duty Allowance, which is to compensate staff who have to work irregular hours; and
(d) Typhoon Allowance / Rainstorm Black Warning Allowance, which is to compensate for work under specific weather conditions.

Items (b) to (d) are not payable to the disciplined services as their pay scales have already taken these JRA-attracting duties into account.

Unless exceptionally approved, officers remunerated at or above Point 34 of the Master Pay Scale are not eligible for JRAs. For disciplined services staff, the eligibility for JRAs should normally be confined to operational staff only and may be extended to officers up to Point 47 of Police Pay Scale or Point 31 of the General Disciplined Services (Officer) Pay Scale. Administrative and professional grade officers are usually not eligible for JRAs.

Under the established JRA review and monitoring mechanism, individual JRAs payable to both civilian grades and disciplined services staff are subject to regular review and re-approval, if justified, by the end of the specified period. The regular comprehensive review of JRAs is conducted once every five years. In the intervening years, departments are required to submit annual returns to the Civil Service Bureau for close monitoring of payment of JRAs.

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