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Our Ref. : BP 6/25
8 September 2005

Dear Colleagues,

Development of an improved pay adjustment mechanism for the civil service : Conduct of a pay level survey

In June this year, I informed you of the appointment of the Phase Two Consultant to conduct the pay level survey. I am writing to update you on the latest development.

Based on the survey methodology recommended by the Phase One Consultant and having regard to the views of the staff side members of the Consultative Group on Civil Service Pay Adjustment Mechanism (Consultative Group), the Phase Two Consultant has worked out a proposed approach to the conduct of job inspections for the civil service benchmark jobs Note, including arrangements for the participation of the management and the staff sides.

In the coming weeks, we will arrange for the Consultant to brief both management and staff representatives on the proposed approach. The timing and arrangement for these briefing sessions have been announced separately. If you have any questions or comments about the job inspection process, you would be most welcome to pass them to the Consultant through your management or staff representatives. You may also inform us directly.

The staff side members of the Consultative Group have expressed concerns about the appointment of the Phase Two Consultant and its previous involvement in a survey involving civil service pay commissioned by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) over two years ago. We have taken these concerns seriously and have taken a number of follow-up actions. First, we have reviewed the procedures taken and confirmed that there was no impropriety involved in the selection of the Phase Two Consultant. The Consultant has since explained that the two surveys are vastly different in terms of survey approach and methodology. The Consultant has also confirmed that the findings of the HKGCC survey will not have any application or effect on the upcoming pay level survey for the civil service. Detailed information about the appointment procedures for the Phase Two Consultant and a comparison of the two surveys has been uploaded onto the CSB website at

We attach great importance to the guiding principle that the pay level survey must be conducted in a professional and impartial manner in order that the survey results will be credible in the eyes of the civil service and the community at large. Staff bodies and representatives will participate at various stages of the job inspection process (details at the Annex). During this period, there will be ample opportunities for you to express your views either directly or through your representatives.

I look forward to your continued support for and close participation in this important exercise.

Yours sincerely,

The signature of SCS, Joseph W P Wong

(Joseph W P Wong)
Secretary for the Civil Service

The Phase One Consultant has drawn up a provisional list of civil service jobs to be included in the survey field for pay comparison with broadly comparable jobs in the private sector.

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