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Review on Performance Management System

In the Civil Service Reform Consultation Document issued in March 1999, the Administration proposed to introduce progressively elements of performance-based reward systems into the civil service and improve the current performance management system. The Administration has since then reformed the increment system and introduced improvements to the performance management system.

Granting of increments

The Civil Service Regulations (CSRs) provide that a civil servant may be granted an increment only if his/her performance at work (including conduct, diligence and efficiency) has been satisfactory during the appraisal period.

The CSRs also provide for stoppage and deferment of increments for civil servants with substandard performance at work. The Administration has asked Heads of Department / Heads of Grade (HoDs / HoGs) to be vigilant in the application of the above CSRs in the granting of increments. Guidelines have been issued to assist them in this respect.

Improvements to the performance management system

Performance management is an integral part of a comprehensive human resource management strategy. It is the translation of departmental strategies and objectives into practical and realistic performance goals at each level in a department. The purpose of performance appraisal is to review, reinforce, monitor and record an officer's progress; to facilitate the selection of officers for promotion; to assist in the manpower planning process; and to help identify the training and development needs of staff.

To this end, HoDs / HoGs have adopted different management tools, including (1) target-based assessment and core competencies assessment; and (2) putting in place assessment panels to undertake levelling and moderating work among appraisal reports and to identify substandard and outstanding performers for appropriate action. HoDs / HoGs should also ensure that supervisors carry out comprehensive, objective and timely assessment of their subordinates.

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