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Revised leave and leave passage for recruits
offered appointment on or after 1 June 2000

Leave earning rates are related to an officer's rank and length of service under the new fringe benefits package. Details are set out below:

Pay Scale Leave Earning Rates
(working days per year)
Less than
10 years of service
10 years of service
& over
Directorate or equivalent 22 26
Points 14 to 49 of Master Pay Scale or equivalent 18 22
Points 1 to 13 of Master Pay Scale & Model Scale 1 Pay Scale or equivalent 14 18


Maximum accumulation of leave will be limited to two years' entitlement. Leave balance will be encashed when an officer leaves the service except where leave is forfeited on grounds of disciplinary action.

Officers at directorate level entitled to the new fringe benefits package can receive Leave Passage Allowance at the end of every 12 month's cycle. The Allowance is non-accountable but taxable and is payable at the end of each cycle. Only the officers themselves, and not their family members, are entitled to the Allowance.

The rates of the Leave Passage Allowance are as follows and will be adjusted annually:

Directorate Pay Scale
or equivalent
Leave Passage Allowance rates for
recruits for each 12-month cycle
(with effect from 1.4.2020)
D7 & above $79,050
D4 to D6 $41,640
D1 to D3 $20,820








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