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Review of starting salaries

The Administration commissioned the Standing Commission on Civil Service Salaries and Conditions of Service (Standing Commission) to conduct a review of starting salaries in the Civil Service in 1998. The results of the review showed that civil service entry pay had outstripped that in the private market. To bring the Civil Service closer in line with the market, benchmarks for most of the 12 Qualification Groups of the civilian grades were lowered by 6% to 31% and that for the disciplined grades were lowered by 3% to 17%. There is no change to the maximum point of the basic ranks and the pay beyond entry level.

The new benchmarks and starting salaries took effect on 1 April 2000 for recruits and serving staff on transfer.

Following the revision of the starting salaries for the civil service in 2000, an officer who is offered an appointment/ promoted to a basic rank on or after 1 April 2000 is remunerated on a delinked starting salary on the relevant reference pay scale. He will remain on that pay point on the reference pay scale until he qualifies for an increment after which he will join the respective pay scale and move along the relevant scale in subsequent years subject to satisfactory performance.

Following the enactment of the Public Officers Pay Adjustments (2004/2005) Ordinance in 2003, new recruits to the civil service who are offered appointment from 26 February 2003 on a delinked starting salary are remunerated on the reference pay scales as adjusted in accordance with the Ordinance.

If you wish to know the entry salary of individual ranks, you may go to the Job Opportunities section of the Administration of the Civil Service.

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