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Special One-off Housing Allocation for Junior Civil Servants


Special One-off Housing Allocation for Junior Civil Servants (SOA) is a special arrangement made on a one-off basis outside the Civil Service Public Housing Quota (CSPHQ) scheme.  It aims for providing one-off special allocation of public rental housing (PRH) or Green Form Certificates to eligible unsuccessful last-time applicants for PRH under the CSPHQ scheme in previous years up to the 2015/2016 exercise, whose last-time applications were cancelled due to exhaustion of quota places in the PRH estates/districts selected by them or their retirement from service. 


Applications for SOA shall be submitted through the respective department of the applicant prior to his retirement.  Please refer to the following Civil Service Bureau (CSB) Circular Memorandum (CM) for details of the eligibility criteria and related arrangements


CSB CM No. 21/2016 - Applicable to retirees who served in disciplined services and occupied departmental quarters (DQ) before retirement, and had submitted their relevant last-time eligible applications for PRH under the Special Quota of the CSPHQ scheme.


CSB CM No. 22/2016 - Applicable to :


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