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Non-Civil Service Contract Staff Scheme

A Non-Civil Service Contract (NCSC) Staff Scheme was introduced as a standing scheme in January 1999 as a more flexible arrangement for employment of temporary and short-term contract staff. It allows government departments to employ staff outside the Civil Service establishment on short-term contracts up to three years on flexible packages to be determined by the heads of department themselves, subject to guidelines issued by the Civil Service Bureau. It also enables departments to employ staff to meet short-term, part-time, changing or fluctuating service needs from time to time.

It is Government policy that the employment package for NCSC staff should be no less favourable than the provisions of the Employment Ordinance and no more favourable than civil servants in comparable ranks. The employment of these staff should also comply with other employment legislation binding on the Government, e.g. Employees' Compensation Ordinance.

NCSC staff may apply for other government jobs through open recruitment in competition with other applicants. If selected for appointment to the Civil Service, they will start their appointment afresh as with all recruits from outside the Civil Service. Their previous employment as NCSC staff will not count for any civil service fringe benefits.

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